SELMET’s activities are centered around three main subjects: animal production dynamics, interactions between animals and their environment, and alternative management approaches to respond to potential change.

  • Animal production dynamics in a given socio-economic and territorial context

    Attention, animaux de ferme en liberté. © Inra, M. Meuret
    The multi-functionality of animal production systems is approached from the perspective of sustainable development objectives, taking into account ecological, political and economic change at the territorial and animal sector level.

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  • Animals, resources, environments: adaptive capacities and interactions

    Chèvres Saanen mangeant du feullage de chêne. © Inra, M. Meuret
    The function of ruminant production, as a source of food and ecosystem services, is studied within a context of ecological intensification and interaction between the production animal and its environment.

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  • Alternative farming agro-ecosystem management

    Dans la dune. © Cirad, B. Faye
    While advances in zootechnical research have had a significant impact on specialized farming systems, new techniques have not been adopted widely in harsh environments. A systemic approach should enable a better exchange of knowledge that will facilitate the development of alternative farming system management strategies to respond to global change.

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  • Technical support activities

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    To achieve these research objectives, researchers are backed up by a team of support staff, assistant engineers, technicians and teachers working to facilitate the everyday life of the unit in relation to both administrative, scientific matters and education.

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  • Les dispositifs de recherche et d’enseignement en partenariat

    © Cirad
    Selmet est partenaire et présent dans 5 dispositifs.

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